This page describes funding opportunities for public entities in European and national frameworks.

Innovation Procurement – the EC web site

Innovation procurement can deliver solutions to challenges of public interest and ICTs can play a major role in this. Interested in details? Visit the official EC web site on Innovation Procurement in Europe!  ... read more

Second Major eafip Event on Innovation Procurement

The second major eafip event will take place in the National Centre for Public Administration and Local Government (EKDDA) in Athens, Greece on 18th and 19th October 2016. This two-day event targets procurers, policy makers, procurement law firms and businesses, to raise awareness about the most recent outcomes from major PCP/PPI initiatives across Europe, and organise networking between stakeholders to discuss best practice, new ideas, initiatives and current funding opportunities for PCP/PPI. Registration via this website is compulsory and places will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis. Click here to see the event web site... read more

New EU funding opportunities for PCP and PPI in the 2016-2017 Work Programme

According to the EC website a total budget of circa €130 million is planned for EU funding for PCP (pre-commercial procurement) and PPI (public procurement of innovative solutions) projects across the different 2016-17 Horizon 2020 work programmes. The following ppts guide you through the core info about the calls for proposals: – Overview of the 2016-17 calls for proposals in support of PCP and PPI across the different Horizon 2020 work programmes. – Modalities of the Horizon 2020 funding instruments in support of PCP and PPI. More detailed info in the general annexes of the Work Program here. – How prepare a proposal? How will the evaluation take place? – Possible ESIF funding synergies for Horizon 2020 funded PCP/PPI projects. In addition to the wide range of domain specific calls, there are also two “open calls’ in the ICT Work Progmamme: ICT-34: €4M call for PCP actions for preparing and carrying out a joint PCP, open to proposals from procurers that require new ICT based solutions to address a challenge in any area of public interest (call deadline: 12 April 2016). ICT-33: (a) European wide networks of public procurers preparing future PCPs or PPIs in any area of public interest that requires ICT based solutions and (b): European wide networks of competence centers on innovation procurement (€ 4M for ICT-33 (a) and (b) together; call deadline: 25 Apr 2017... read more


Horizon 2020 Horizon 2020 offers support to get new innovative solutions developed (via PCP cofund actions) or deployed (via PPI cofund actions), or coordination action support to groups of procurers that want to form buyers groups to prepare future joint PCP or PPI projects. The following presentations summarize all information about PCP/PPI in H2020: Public Demand Driven Innovation PCP and PPI in Horizon 2020 An overview of PCP/PPI-related calls in H2020 accross different work programmes An overview of all on-going PCP/PPI projects in ICT... read more