1. Project Presentation (Project Deliverable D1.1)
  2. Partners agreement (Project Deliverable D2.1 – available upon request only)
  3. Procurement procedures (Project Deliverable D2.2 – available upon request only)
  4. Updated partner agreements and procurement procedures (Project Deliverable D2.3 – available upon request only)
  5. High-tech R&D roadmap – the first version of the database (Project Deliverable D2.4 – available upon request only)
  6. High-tech R&D roadmap – the second release of the database (Project Deliverable D2.5 – available upon request only)
  7. Procurement Requirements Analysis (Project Deliverable D2.6)
  8. High-tech R&D roadmap – the final release of the database (Project Deliverable D2.7 – available upon request only)
  9. Dissemination & Collaboration Plans (Project Deliverable D3.1)
  10. The First Report on Dissemination & Collaboration (Project Deliverable D3.2)
  11. The Second Report on Dissemination & Collaboration (Project Deliverable D3.3)
  12. Updated Dissemination & Collaboration Plans (Project Deliverable D3.4)
  13. Challenges ahead of the public procurement in the area of optical networking @Modernizing the public sector and boosting economic growth through Innovation Procurement European Commission (DG CONNECT) – EuroCloud Italy – Lombardy Region, 26-27 Nov 2014, Milan, Italy      Website      Presentation
  14. Pre-Commercial Procurement in Optical Networking domain. In Transparent Optical Networks (ICTON), 2016 18th International Conference on (pp. 1-4). IEEE Xplore Digital Library