This page describes public networks, their actual capabilities and future needs and roadmaps.

The PCP Framework for public network operators

The new approach to public procurement means the introduction of a modern system, in which the essential elements are: innovation and sustainable society and environmental- friendly technology. The document is dedicated to the first of these issues, namely the innovation driven procurement and, in particular, pre-commercial public procurement. The latest issue of newsletter describes the procedures which have been developed by the COMPLETE project and targets in the first instance procurement of innovation and R&D services in the public network operators’... read more

Lessons learned from past and on-going PCP-related activities in the NREN community

The  new article published in the latest newsletter issue provides answers to important questions raised by many communities new to pre-commercial procurement: Why is cooperation in PCP important? Why is competition in PCP important? It also provides experiences and lessons learned so far by COMPLETE Partners with some recommendations concerning future work. Enjoy... read more