COMPLETE presentation @Milan event

COMPLETE was represented by Robert Pękal at the event organized by the European Commission “Modernizing the public sector and boosting economic growth through Innovation Procurement”.

According to the Commission, public procurement, that accounts for some 19% of GDP in the European Union, represents an enormous potential market for innovative products and services, offering a powerful leverage for the modernization of public sector and for the competitiveness and growth of the European industry.

This high-level event addressed how EU policies could gain from working to enhance the demand side and what instruments are actually in the hand of policy maker and public sector to optimize the public spending and, at the same time, to stimulate additional private investments.

The event also offered an opportunity to hear first-hand from front-runner actors (procurers, suppliers) and experts how they are supporting the implementation of Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions (PPI) and Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP).

COMPLETE presentation is available in our Publications!