9th CEF Networks Workshop 2017

CESNET held the 9th Customer Empowered Fibre Networks Workshop in Prague from September 11th to 12th. Major topics for this year event were:

  • Multi-vendor/disaggregated lighting of CEF networks, interoperability and vendor-independent description of transmission systems
  • Support of new applications and disciplines requiring photonic or dark fibre connectivity (cryptography, metrology, seismology, space, observation, sensor networks, etc.)
  • End to end services for high precision and high performance applications, real-time applications of wide-area all-optical networks
  • Photonic (all-optical) services, dark fibre channels, alien waves, fibre sharing, optimal or dynamic usage of transmission spectrum and virtual fibre networks
  • SDN Approach for Systematic Service Design Methods including Lower Layers of the Networking Stack
  • Dark fibre or channel testbeds used for experiments and additional production traffic
  • Deployments and testing of high-speed transmission systems, power consumption of transmission systems(greening)
  • Update of dark fibre footprint used for Research and Education
  • Community (campuses, regional, national or continental) and experimental facilities (testbeds)
  • Development of dark fibre footprint used for Research and Education
  • Community (REC) in Asia, Australia, North America, South America and Europe
  • Improvement of long term REC economy